REMO BALDI - composer

Un compositore assolutamente “internazionale” e padrone di risorse che vanno ben oltre l’àmbito, a volte angusto, del cinema italiano. (

A Riveder le Stelle (E.Caruso, 2022)

Original documentary soundtrack.

After the success of his debut film "E fu sera e fu mattina" and confirmation with "La Terra buona", Emanuele Caruso also involved me in this new adventure. His mission was to tell about the world we live in and the dangers he faces by talking about it with some extraordinary personalities while in 7 days they walk through the wild Val Grande in Piedmont.

But just before it hit theaters in 2020, Covid arrived.

A tale that has turned into reality in the strongest possible way.

A music that speaks of a journey, therefore, but of a journey that is not over yet. And that invites us to look around with conscious eyes on the beauty around us and its fragility.

Original Graphic Novel Soundtrack

Work in progress...

Epic - Adventure

Comedy - Animation

Emotional - Intimistic