REMO BALDI - composer

An absolutely "international" composer and master of resources that go far beyond the sometimes narrow scope of Italian cinema.  (


Remo Baldi is a composer whose music blends the emotional intensity of film soundtracks with atmospheres of electronic music. He has written and produced music for a variety of film projects and has worked on a number of soundtracks for comic books, aiming to enrich their visual narrative.

In 2015 he began writing and producing music for the comic book Lumina by Emanuele Tenderini and Linda Cavallini, culminating in four albums released between 2015 and 2023. 

Since 2014, he has collaborated with director Emanuele Caruso, writing and producing the music for the feature films E fu sera e fu mattina (2014 FICE award), La Terra Buona (Finalist and Special Mention for best soundtrack at the "Mercurio d'Argento 2019" competition) and A rivedere le stelle (2020). 

Remo trained musically between Bergamo and Bologna, studying composition at the Conservatory, graduating in piano and music for multimedia use, and graduating from Dams at the University of Bologna. 

He is also active as an author of music for children and for theater and dance projects.

He lives and works in Bologna (Italy).


LUMINA Tetralogy 

Original comic book soundtrack

Lumina is a sci-fi/fantasy comic book series with Original Soundtrack, divided into four volumes written and drawn by Emanuele Tenderini and Linda Cavallini, published by Tatailab. 

The Lumina saga tells the epic adventure of Kite and Miriam, two siblings who will have adventures delving into a universe of ancient cultures and peoples on the planet Lumina.

Facing challenges and uncovering secrets, their story weaves together themes of ecology and family ties on a journey that will change their destiny and that of the world.

Each volume of Lumina is associated with an entire Soundtrack that comments, describes and musically expands scene after scene on the journey of the two protagonists with listening references within the page.  The result is a grand sonic fresco divided into four Volumes with nearly two hours of music rich in thematic interweaving and kaleidoscopic atmospheres.

The symphonic breath (created in collaboration with Fame's Symphony Orchestra in Macedonia) relentlessly blends an electronic dimension bringing the reading experience to a new level of involvement.

All music was composed, orchestrated and produced by Remo Baldi.

Lumina vol.1

Lumina vol.2

Lumina vol.3

Lumina vol.4


Original comic book soundtrack

Kaya is a post-apocalyptic/sci-fi graphic novel with original soundtrack, published by TataiLab Edition, written by Paola Barbato and Linda Cavallini and drawn by Linda Cavallini, Emanuele Tenderini and Lorenzo Lanfranconi.

Soundesign by Carlo Missidenti

A self-contained volume of 96 pages total, it chronicles one little girl's struggle for survival at a time when the planet is now at an end, torn apart by a threat that has brought it close to its end. Hope has given way to resignation, and strength is no longer enough even to live day to day.

Is there still anything in this world worth fighting for? 

Kaya includes an entire Soundtrack that musically accompanies the protagonists' journey with listening references within the page

In addition to the music, Remo wrote and produced the song "Hurt" sung by Margaret Figoni and there is a Soundesign section specially created by Carlo Missidenti, a two-time "David di Donatello" award winner for Best Sound.


Original Soundtrack

Documentary. Directed by Emanuele Caruso, 2022

Documentary made to tell about the world we live in and the dangers it faces by talking about it with some extraordinary characters as they cross the wild Val Grande in Piedmont on foot in 7 days.

Music that speaks of a journey, then, and invites us to look around with conscious eyes at the beauty that surrounds us and its fragility. 


Original Sountrack

Feature film, directed by Emanuele Caruso (2018)

Soundtrack Finalist and Special Mention at the 2019 Silver Mercury Music for the Image Festival. 

In a remote, unspoiled corner in the Piedmont valleys, the stories of a researcher on the run for his alternative cures, a sick girl in search of hope and Father Sergio De Piccoli, a Benedictine monk who has lived for more than 40 years in the mountains where he has restored the monastery and collected in the rectory, which has become a library, some 60,000 books, collected throughout his life. Based on a true story.


Original Soundtrack

Feature film, directed by Emanuele Caruso (2014)

In competition at several international Film Festivals, including Cairo Film Festival in Cairo and Montréal World Film Festival in Montréal in 2014. It also won the F.I.C.E. (Federazione Italiana Cinema d'Essai) award for independent film of the year. 

The film is about how people in a small town grappling with the fragilities of their lives face a catastrophic event that will bring about the end of the world.

Video and Making of

Original Comic Book Soundtrack

"Hurt," the song written for the soundtrack of the comic book "Kaya"

Lumina 2: Natron, Born by the sky - Recording Session

La Terra Buona - Recording Session

Lumina vol1 : A New World - Recording Session

Lumina vol3: Rain - Piano Roll

Lumina vol. 2: The Augur - Making of (ITA)

E fu sera e fu mattina - Recording Session


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